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Steering Committee

President: Dr Byongug Jeong, University of Strathclyde, UK

Vice President (Internal Affairs & International cooperation): Dr Koosup Yum, HD Hyundai, Germany

Vice President (Projects & Service): Mr Baejun Kwon, DNV GL, Norway

Vice President (Academic Services): Dr Hyungju Kim, NTNU, Norway


Director of General Affairs: Dr Hayoung Jang, University of Strathclyde, UK

Director of Finance: Dr Injun Yang, University of Strathclyde, UK

Assistant Director of Publication & Information: Solji Yun, UK


Representative of Scandinavia: Prof. Taesung Kim, Technical University of Denmark

Representative of UK: Dr Sungil Ahn, ABS, UK

Representative of the Continent: TBC

Representative of Korea: Dr Mingyu Kim, KMC, South Korea


Auditor: Mr Sungsoo Lim, Fugro Norway AS, Norway

Advisory Committee


Advisory Committee Member: Dr Yongwon Lee, Llod's Register, UK

Advisory Committee Member: Dr Dohan Oh, Hongik University, South Korea

Advisory Committee Member: Dr Dong Nam, Korea Maritime Transportation Safety Authority

Advisory Committee Member: Dr Seungdeog Yoo, Microvortex, Germany

Advisory Committee Member: Dr Keunjae Kim, SSPA, Sweden

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