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EKC 2023

The Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Germany (VeKNI) hosted the 15th Europe-Korea Conference on Science and Technology 2023 (EKC 2023), which will be held in Munich, Germany on 14-18 August 2023.

Marine & Ocean Engineering division have been supported by The Society of Naval Architects of Korea (SNAK), Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) and Korea Maritime Cooperation Center (KMC).

The Marine and Ocean Division in EKC 2023 was motivated and proposed to introduce and exchange ideas and information in seeking the current issues and the challenges relative to the marine and ocean sectors. To achieve this goal, we wish to invite novel research which can offer meaningful insights into successful technologies for developing shipping greener and safer as well as to invite hot discussion on current policy and regulatory trends locally and internationally.

The scope of this Division can be more extensive than what is stated in the title, ranging from addressing the global challenges toward zero-emission and autonomy to demonstrating the effectiveness of different state-of-the-art technologies, while focus area for EKC 2023 would be digitalization and decarbonization.

Date and Location: on 17th (Thursday) at Venus 1 Room

This year, Industry Forum was formed in addition to the Science and Technology Divisions, therefore, a more colourful conference was planned on 15 – 17th (Tue. – Thu.) August.

Industry Forum for the Marine & Ocean Engineering sector, planned on 15th Tuesday, have been supported by Korea Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering (KSOE) and Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering (KRISO) which organised Marine Applications and Offshore Wind sections with EKMOA.

Date: on 15th (Tuesday) at Taurus 1

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